This class led by Carolina is a Tribal Fusion-style Belly dance. She Combines Contemporary Belly Dance and Yoga Conditioning as she takes you through the three vital components of belly dance training.

What you can expect:
- Physical conditioning to develop flexibility and strength
- Belly dance technique drills that include basic and advanced moves for improved muscle control and precision in executing belly dance isolations
-Sequences of contemporary belly dance combinations complete with transitions to form an elegant and evocative modern choreography.

No matter the form of belly dance that you may ultimately choose to pursue, this class will give you a solid foundation in Belly Dance on which to build your technique.
The flexibility and muscle conditioning section of the program consists of several yoga sessions that can be used as a warmup/cool down or as a stand-alone daily yoga practice.
The Yoga sessions focus on building lower body strength and opening the hips to achieve ease and precision in belly dance hip-work. You will also practice a number of exercises to open the chest and to increase upper back flexibility, enhancing torso isolations and making your dance movements more sinuous and fluid.
Belly dance technique drills will include hip-work, upper body work, combined hip/upper body isolations and arm/hip coordination, as well as, adding level changes to torso isolations and layering hip-work on traveling steps.
Come have fun and learn some new moves with us as you get fit and sexy.
Rhythm & Belly Dance