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LawrenceGérard "Larry"

Personal Training & Coach

Larry is a trainer that listens to what you want to achieve. Your goals and not a cookie cutter big gym plan. Everyone is built different and cannot be expected to fall under a pre formulated workout. Larry will help you get stronger, leaner, and build your self esteem by changing your body one day at a time. Larry is an individual who inspires, motivates, and guide others to achieve their fitness goals.
He is an NASM certified instructor. With over 16 years of training, coaching, competitive long distance trail racing, Marathonist and a 12 year veteran US Marine Corps plus current US Army Combat Medic. Also an EMS Emergency Medical Technician certified in CPR/AED through the American Heart Association.

Larry's commitment as your Personal Trainer:

I will help you create a fitness goal.
- Begin with a simple conversation.
- Discuss your motivation to be fit.
- Create smaller and more realistic goals.
- Bring up some creative possibilities.
- Mix up the plan.
Together we will setup a total body workout that you can do anywhere with just a few sets of weights. You'll target all your muscles, including the hips, glutes, thighs, chest, back, shoulders, and arms.
I fully understand that we all want to be fit but we can't quite seem to make it happen. The challenge is that fitness can only be improved minimally from day to day, so it requires many days to really create a significant amount of improvement. That's where we falter; we are unable to make a habit out of the behaviors that will make us fit.
Strategies to make fitness a daily part of your life:
1. Make fitness more social.
2. Only change one thing at a time.
3. Make it a priority.
4. Find a way to enjoy it.
5. Take the first step.
You don't need to plan your exercise routine for the next 6 months. You're not trying to launch the space shuttle; you're just trying to move around more than you have been in the recent past. Getting in shape is the result of taking the proper actions repeatedly over an extended period of time. Fitness doesn't improve very much in a day, so making a habit of the behaviors that improve fitness has to be a priority. Focus on making a single change at a time and attempt to make that change as enjoyable as possible. You can do it!